5 Signs Your Spouse May Be Hiding Assets

A suitcase full of cash.

If you suspect your spouse has been less than truthful, a lawyer or financial advisor can help you track down hidden or moved assets so that the asset calculation process remains as transparent and accurate as possible.

When to Divorce – or Just Separate

It would surprise some newlyweds that there are many similarities between divorcing and separation, namely those concerning parental responsibilities and asset division. If you’re considering both options in your marriage, it may help to find out about these differences first – if necessary, with the help of a family attorney. Then you can determine which choice makes the most legal, financial and logistical sense for you.

Mediation vs. Litigation in Family Law

Mediation vs. Litigation in Family Law

When emotions run high, it’s helpful to remember that there are other options for couples hoping to keep their divorce out of a courtroom. Mediation is a common alternative form of dispute resolution that, if appropriate, can be less costly and lead to quicker outcomes.