The Future of Family Law

Years written on a road. The closest year is 2023, and the years increase by one the further away they get.

Who says the law has to be staid and rigid? A lot is happening in the family law space, much of it in response to changing norms and beliefs in the greater society around us. It’s the job of a good lawyer to keep up with trends such as the ones below and come up with smart legal strategies to benefit their clients’ cases.

5 Ways to Predict a Couple Will Divorce

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When you’re in the weeds, it’s harder to see the road ahead. Recognizing common signs you might be headed for divorce can bring much-needed clarity to a difficult situation – and help you take the right next steps.

How to Cope with Your New Post-Divorce Lifestyle

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A divorce after years of marriage can be freeing, as well as a stressful, life-changing event. For the benefit of you and any children you share with your ex, it is important to be prepared for these changes and to understand how they might affect your life.

Strategizing and Family Law

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From negotiating parental rights to conducting financial discovery, a good family law attorney will be able to discuss how best to navigate sensitive issues for their clients in Illinois.