Why Divorce Is Actually Getting Easier

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It’s not just social norms that are changing. The rules themselves are making it easier for couples to navigate the tricky waters when facing a possible split. If you’re facing an end to your marriage, here are some ways that divorce might not be as hard as you imagined.

What You Need to Know About Intercountry Adoptions

Two men kneeling to take a photo with a toddler.

Are you considering intercountry adoption to open your home to a child in need, as well as achieve your dream of growing your family? If you are considering adoption or fostering a child – either locally or abroad – contact the Law Office of David A. King, P.C. to get prompt answers to all of your questions.

The Future of Family Law

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Who says the law has to be staid and rigid? A lot is happening in the family law space, much of it in response to changing norms and beliefs in the greater society around us. It’s the job of a good lawyer to keep up with trends such as the ones below and come up with smart legal strategies to benefit their clients’ cases.