My divorce was the worst point in my life, especially the bitter custody battle that ensued. I was referred to David King by a co-worker, and immediately upon meeting him I knew that he was the right lawyer for me. David sincerely listened to the background surrounding my case and knew the law extremely well, explaining everything to me in a way that I understood. David also represented himself well in Court, and most especially was always prepared. He also took the time to prepare with me for court, just so I would understand what was happening. David’s office promptly sent me copies of every document, including letters, so that I would know what was going on in my case and so that I could ask any questions if I did not understand. David’s office was also always comforting and eager to help, even if it meant sending me a copy of a document for the third time. I was not forced to go in any direction, but David did give me various options, explaining each thoroughly so that I could make the best decisions for not only myself, but my young children. David and his office were always there for me to talk with, and I felt as if I had a family who really understood my situation, giving me complete support. I have recommended David to everyone that I know, and I could not put into words how grateful and blessed I am to have been referred to David. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me!