Tips on How to Co-Parent During the Holidays After Divorce


The holidays are a time of joy for many, but they also come with a lot of stress, frustration, and pressure, especially if you have recently gone through a divorce or are in the process of finalizing one. If you and your spouse share children, the mere thought of the holidays might seem daunting to you. After all, co-parenting with your former spouse can be hard any time of the year, but it can be particularly difficult when you throw in celebrations, special events, and other special traditions you are used to carrying on as a family.

To ensure this holiday season goes smoothly for you and your family, we have compiled a list of tips that can help you co-parent your children throughout the holiday season with greater ease:

  • Take on a positive mentality and attitude: Always remember that one of the most important things about this time of year is to create memories, so focus on the time you have with your children and do fun activities with them. They will cherish those memories forever and so will you.
  • Always plan ahead: If you and your former spouse do not already have a plan in place that addresses how the holidays are to be spent, now is the time to communicate with him or her and hash out how time is to be divided, which traditions are important to you, and which you are willing to let go of. That said, always be ready for any necessary minor changes.
  • Do not express anger towards your co-parent in front of your children: The holidays can be hectic and the chaos of it all might make it easier for you to feel like your fuse is shorter, but do not blow up on your co-parent in front of the children. If you are still not at a stage where you can be friendly, then simply take on a businesslike tone and maintain some civility with him or her. Expressing anger towards your children’s other parent in front of them will only make this situation harder for them.
  • Your children are not possessions: Your children have their own feelings to deal with this holiday season, so do not add issues for them to deal with by turning them into a messenger or asking them too many questions regarding the time they spend with their other parent. Give them the space they need to cope with the changes brought on by your divorce and never use them as a pawn.
  • Start new holiday traditions to create fond memories: Not all of the traditions you once had as a family will be able to continue on after the divorce. Instead of lamenting over the changes, start creating new traditions. Visit friends, go to a play or a concert, or have the children participate in making a special meal that you will all enjoy. The possibilities are endless.
  • Take care of yourself: Always keep in mind that the happier and healthier you are, the better you can care for your children, so do not forget to partake in self-care during the holiday season. Get enough sleep, eat right, stay active, and make time for yourself to do things that relax you or make you happy. Everyone needs a little “me” time to feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

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